FTC Challenge July, 2024
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End Date: Jul 31 2024
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Welcome to the Arena!
This is where you can truly put your skills to the test. Compete with others all over the world, to solve these challenges in the least amount of time!
    How it works:
  • Every day you can try and solve the maze in your workshop. You can test as much as you like, and the goal is to have your robot solve the puzzle, no matter how the maze doors & sensors change each run. Once you are done, press submit to send your solution to compete in the Arena.
  • At the end of each day, at midnight PDT, all solutions will compete in a single 'Arena Run'. This is done inside the Arena, and the result of these runs will show up in the leaderboard.
  • Every day you can 'Watch Last Night's Run' to see how your and other robots did in the Arena Run. Then you can try again to optimize your solution for the next Arena Run!
A new maze-challenge will be revealed on the 1st of every month!**
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